About Me

LuLaRoe Emily Hege  
I am so happy you're here! I hope you enjoy poking around this little blog of mine. I hope to share fashion inspiration for lula-lovers, peeks into our life, short essays, and maybe a recipe or two. Here is a little bit about me: I'm a Southern transplant living in the Pacific Northwest. Coffee AND tea lover (but if it's iced, it must be sweet, or it isn't tea!). Lover of all the colors. Artist. Wife. Mama of one human and two pups. Navy Spouse. Dreamer. Dancer. Cooker (is that a word?). Reader. Pimento cheese expert.occasional yogi. Collector of pens. Lover of all things art. Former art therapist- turned stay at home mama- turned purveyor of gorgeous clothes. French speaker. Soup maker. Married to my middle-school crush. Jokester. crazy garden planter. believer. beloved.

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